It is through culture and involvement that we can teach our children about conscious dressing, telling them where raw materials come from, the benefits they can have on their health and that of the planet. Bianca&Noè is not just a clothing brand, but a world to be a part of. We teach children to dress consciously as they will be the adults of tomorrow, the future and the change. Through coloring books free to download from the website, we are committed to bringing stories and tales that teach children about sustainability to their families.



Our constant commitment to sustainability is key to our work giving us inspiration.
The raw materials we use are carefully selected from the best Italian manufacturers of top-quality natural textiles, which are traceable and safe, recyclable and biodegradable. 
Production cycles respect man and the environment conforming to the provisions in force. 
Our products are ORGANIC. In line with our principles, the search for innovative materials plays a key role in our work: we use natural fabrics (flax, nettle, hemp and others) that are traceable, safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable, pesticide- and chemical-free in both the growing and production stage.

Natural fibers respect the environment and guarantee the combination of well-being, economy and ethics that characterize the entire production chain. Natural fabrics are produced using yarns from fibers existing in nature, through mechanical processes without undergoing chemical processes that modify their structure.