Bianca&Noè is a children fashion brand born in northern Italy, in the Piedmontese province of Novara.
Among alpine landscapes and rice paddies, home to wild herons and white deer, started this project strongly connected to the Piedmontese tailoring tradition. Experience, passion and know-how have been handed down for generations, from father to son, to provide unique and precious garments inspired by history for little ones to wear a small piece of tradition.
Quality and safety are essential principles driving our whole philosophy and that is why we have selected only the best local manufacturers of certified organic textiles and the best local tailors.
Every item is unique, soft and comfortable featuring contemporary and minimal style, made and packed with care and love for your little ones.

From our designers’ sketchbooks and Italian artisan workshops to your little minimalists’ closets.♡


There are wonderful persons behind the scenes: expert craftspeople that transform spun linen into fabric, every day with passion, dedication and constant effort. Our products are manufactured in Italy, and we personally supervise the entire production process to guarantee the quality and safety of our garments.