Our passion for the environment often leads us to meet other businesses with the same vision. With the same naturalness, on some lucky occasions, interesting collaborations are born that make sustainability a way of being.
We have therefore thought of special projects to promote sustainability, “Made in Italy” and value all those local realities that turn their work into a one-of-a-kind experience.



Bianca&Noè - Sustainable choldrenswear

F/W 2020 Collection introduces the theme of reuse and recovery of raw materials that means reduction of waste.
The children of F/W 020 Collection wear little shoes created by Marco Del Tredici and Maddalena Vossen who make shoes using scraps from larger footwear factories. Each piece is therefore unique and not replicable because it depends on the availability of the raw material (waste, in fact) at that precise moment.

If you wish to receive more information write to and we will put you in direct contact with Marco and Maddalena.


Bianca&Noè - Sustainable and Luxury childrenswear
Photo: Courtesy Carlo Madoglio



2. COLLECTABLES / Limited edition

Let's celebrate Spring and the migration of whales: for every clothing item purchased during the months of May and June, we will be giving away a signed and numbered artwork by Italian contemporary artist Giulia Gentilcore.

During spring time whales passing the Azores on their annual migration  to their feeding grounds in the Arctic.

This little work of art will be a beautiful piece for your kids room!

We cherish Giulia for her talent, the simplicity of her designs and the powerfulness of her unique works.
Fascinated by the great cetaceans and their graceful water spins despite weight and size, Giulia frames on paper for Bianca&Noè a dream that she actually had.

"I close my eyes.
I’m side by side with a whale.
She’s not like one of the pod: her name is 52 hertz, which she takes from the high frequency of her song that prevents her from being heard by other cetaceans. 
I wonder if she can hear me.
Then I fall into the water. 
I can’t say how high is my fall, perhaps kilometers. 
How long will I have to hold my breath? 
It’s like I’m not worried at all.
I see the edge between air and water grow thinner and vanish.
My back touches hers and I feel her magnificence. 
I can hear her voice.
I turn around with no fear. 
We are flying together in the water, dancing as one to her song". 


Born in 1993, she graduated in Graphic Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera, Milan. She is currently working on starting up the graphic and print art lab La tana dei lupi gentili
Giulia’s artistic research is mostly dedicated to this specific sector by freely using traditional and experimental engraving techniques as she believes they can coexist harmoniously. Her figurative study is based on image storytelling seen as metaphor and allegory, where every detail conceals and reveals at the same time. The way she speaks to herself and the public is suspended between two opposite ends: urgency and airiness, drama and irony.
Her intimate and oneiric vision belongs to a personal imaginary that silently strives to find its way in the observer’s eyes.