Bianca&Noè - Pitti Bimbo / Pitti ConnectWe have been invited to take part to Pitti Bimbo, this year held in digital edition - PITTI CONNECT - from July 16 to October 9.

We are featured on the "The NEST" page of Pitti Connect, a space dedicated to new innovation-oriented brands ♡




The Pitti Bimbo 91 adv campaign is out, curated by Angelo Figus
it takes its distances from a single editorial snap, but thanks to the dialogue and the support of some artists, for Pitti Bimbo JeeongMee Yoon has searched for and found a new point of view.
The South Korean photographer is famous for her ‘Pink and Blue’ series, portraits of children, some of whom were photographed several times during their childhood, against a backdrop of ambients literally covered with personal effects, all pink or all blue, associating the color with the gender identity. With its abstract concept, the photo chosen, crammed with blue objects, gives the child the strength, even ironically, to be a superhero who travels with his imagination, without leaving the walls of his home.