We are so pleased to introduce you our new SS Collection "Etna Superstar", out from today January 26th in selected stores ♡


Film: Erique LaCorbeille
Artistic Direction: Bianca&Noè
Assistant: Anna-Barbara Balsiger
Mua: Erique LaCorbeille
Voice: Ashton Sundholm
Models: Gloria, Bianca, Isabella, Lorenzo, Carlo e Davide

ETNA SUPERSTAR” is Bianca & Noè’s new 2022 Spring/Summer Collection, once again entirely made of natural fibre fabrics. It is a tribute to the Southernmost part of Italy, a land of tradition, culture, art, sun, sea and warm African winds: Sicily.
The collection takes after the island’s famous volcano, mount ETNA, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, which recently displayed some spectacular eruptive activity. A breathtaking show put on by nature and seen by millions in Italy and around the world.
Children were particularly impressed by the sheer might of the eruption, terrifying but magnificent, and by the volcano’s growling voice: a mesmerising way of telling ancient tales of giants and gods.
So let’s embark on a journey amidst the blossoming lemons, the intriguing fragrances of the mulberry trees, the glittering see and the artistic ceramics, to discover this magnificent Island in the midst of the Mediterranean, where times passes slower than elsewhere and children grow up surrounded by history and nature.
The Collection is made up of pure linen garments which colours evoke this uncontaminated land: Sicily’s molten rock, its beaches and salt flats.
“Etna Superstar” also brings an exclusive novelty, a sweater made in Himalayan nettle, incredibly gentle on kid’s delicate skin.
Himalayan nettle fabric has hypoallergenic and thermoregulating properties and is extremely resistant, yet at the same time it is refined and elegant.
Being entirely natural, it is also completely biodegradable.