“Holding on to the child in you for your entire life means to stay curious, enjoy learning, understanding and yearning to communicate”.
Bruno Munari chose this statement for the opening of his anthological show of Milan in 1986. It perfectly reflects his life philosophy, but it also represents one of the most important goals set by labs: to help children stay curious.

Educating through beauty and looking at life with curiosity means to build a better world.


Together with Leonardo and Edoardo, we have built a small lab to create Play-Doh dinosaurs and celebrate the winter solstice!


The hug of Jupiter and Saturn, the power of the universe, the ever-changing world. Our lab celebrates the great beings of the past that lead the present of children and grown-ups in constant awe of their grandeur.

Leonardo and Edoardo outfit: "Walnut" trousers and "Bean" shirt ♡
Discover them in "A la Lune" F/W Monochrome Collection!