"The imaginary garden" new collection SS24. Special guest Alessandra Caprini and her artistic bread!

The crickets sing in the summer in the imaginary garden where flowers bloom in the air and hang from the ceiling. The cherries are ripe, and the bees sing in chorus. There are curious cats and others sleeping under the hydrangea flowers. The scent of jasmine reaches this place!

Then freshly baked bread arrives and smiles mischievously at us.
Welcome to the imaginary garden!

Bianca&Noè presents “The Imaginary Garden” where soft-colored garments alternate with a striped texture to depict childhood afternoons spent playing in the garden, surrounded by cats, bees, flowers, and water games.
Once again, the majority of the pieces are unisex and can be worn by both boys and girls.
The style remains clean and minimal, as is customary for Bianca&Noè,which never showcases loud colors but rather nuanced and contemporary elegant graphics.

The collection's star item is a T-shirt made from mint fiber. An exclusive for the Italian market premiered at Minimodes, in Brera- Milan.

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 "The Imaginary Garden" stands out for its highly valuable collaboration with Alessandra Caprini, a talented mother and chef. Her culinary creativity has given life to "the breads" featured in the collection's images. These breads are not just gastronomic works of art but carry a unique soul, specially crafted to enrich the experience of Bianca&Noe’s new collection.

Alessandra Caprini will soon be introduced at Minimodes, located on Via Fiori Chiari in Milan. This event will provide a unique opportunity to personally meet the creative mind behind these artistic breads and discover the inspiration behind their creation. The encounter with Alessandra Caprini at Minimodes promises to be an extraordinary occasion to delve into the connection between gastronomy and fashion, highlighting the uniqueness and excellence of "The Imaginary Garden".

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