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Flowing pants with adjustable tie-knot legs and elastic waist.

Color: Ecrù

Iris is the spirit of summer. It brings the news of arrival of summer. As the summer winds blow, the petals flutter and fly like butterfly wings. And it is the reason that iris is called ‘The Purple Butterfly’ in China.
The flowers of Iris symbolize wisdom, courage, hope and faith.

This garment is entirely made out of certified 100% LINEN grown in Northern Europe and spun in Italy. Flax doesn’t require chemical pesticides as it repels insects naturally and this garment, made with its fibres, improve children’s skin health. 
It is a heat regulator, anti-stress and curative material.
Linen attracts the eye and contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere. 
Clothes with small folds are so authentic! 


"Master of Linen" certified product.